Pro tips for the startups to deal with the Freelancers

Freelancer is a term used for the self-employed person. He is a person who works as a designer, writer, etc. He works for an hour or days not on a regular salary basis for a company or other officials. He is hired only for specific projects and assignments. A freelancer is also known as an on-demand worker. Freelancer is a free worker and not the permanent staff of the company. The advantages of hiring freelancers are that they skillfully perform the given task and their work is qualitative and likewise, the companies have to pay the traditional worker for everything but they do not have to pay for the random expenditures of the Freelancers.

Every successful company had done a lot of effort in the past for achieving its valuable standards. Companies start from their carrier from ground levels. In this regard, they have to face many difficulties. That is why many of the startups hire freelancers as their budget is low and also the payments of the freelancers fulfil the needs of the smaller businesses. But the struggle starts from here as finding a good and skilful group of freelancers is not an easy task.

Why do You need a Freelancer?

Freelancers take less payment as compared to the traditional employees. They perform the task in the given time. They do not risk their career. The biggest aim of the Freelancers is to make a portfolio that would impress the clients and the portfolio is designed by experiencing new projects. That is why Freelancers will do your work nicely and their work is affordable. But the difficult task for the startups is to find an experienced bunch of Freelancers. It is very hard to find because as a startup you cannot risk your carrier.

How to Find Freelancers

When you finally make up your mind to hire some freelancers for your business, you will have to find some good freelancers with the best work in the town. When all of sudden you realize that you need a freelancer, you cannot find one even if you are too desperate. But there are still many ways to find trained freelancers which are as follows:

Ask Around:

Stay in touch with your friends and family who have been dealing with freelancers. The easiest way to find a good and trained freelancer is to ask someone who has an idea about this work. This surely might help you.

Utilize the internet:

Visit the sites for finding freelancers. You can find many people online. There are some beneficial ways to find freelancers on the internet. First is that you can go to freelancing sites and search for the freelancers. These sites will surely come up with the best workers because they care about both the client and the worker. Second, you can also search for freelancers on social media platforms. You can have a look at their profile and may find something supportive about their work.

Avoid the scammers:

There are many scammers also in the world of freelancers. They submit plagiarized work and incomplete projects. Moreover, they can also use illegal means to complete your projects.


The person you hire should be trained and have awareness about your projects. He or she might deal with your projects in a nice manner and come up with the qualitative work.

Going through the Portfolio:

A portfolio is a way for freelancers to sell their qualitative projects to the clients. That is why I have a deep glance at the portfolio of the freelancers. And make sure that either their skills match your projects or not.

Interview the candidate:

If you find that the freelancer is talented and can work for your project then do contact him immediately and ask him to give you a short introduction about his skills and work.

Moreover, give them guidelines about the work and once they are done with the projects, you might go through it. In this case, you should have some knowledge about the projects. Firstly, give them small projects so you can easily have experience with their work.

Important things to remember

· Budget for the Freelancers:

All freelancers have set their rates some have day rates and some have hourly rates. It is more efficient than you hire a freelancer who has day rates. Because hiring the one with hourly rates is the waste of money. If you like their work then you might love to get signed a contract with them and they will surely reduce their fee after being assured about the guaranteed work.

· Hire the right freelancers for the agency and the job:

Hire those freelancers whose skills do match with the values of your company and your projects. Do not hire the graphic designer if you need a content writer even if they say, “Yeah, we can do that.” Do keep in mind the level of your projects. So you can hire the freelancer with the exact level.

· Discuss it with your client:

Once the project is done by a specific freelancer, do share it with your client. If your client likes it then it is sure that the freelancer is working hard and he or she has the qualitative skills.

· Define the project and scope of work:

Give the freelancer team a brief introduction to the projects. Tell them everything you need them to do. Inform them about the budget, deadlines, and deliverables. If they have to travel for a project then do inform them that you won’t pay for the travel expenditures.

· Care about freelancers’ careers:

Your attitude towards the freelancer should be good. Nicely treat them and return, they will care about you and your company and will surely perform the given tasks qualitatively. Pay them on time and assign them the projects as the time was finalized in the contracts. Do not bother them at all.

· Freelancers work on multiple projects:

Keep this in mind that freelancers cannot depend on a single project for their earnings. That is why they deal with many projects at a time. So you have to deal with them in a friendly manner which may not bother them to slow down your assignments or projects. If you do not treat them well they might receive another project and start working on new projects and save your assignments for later.

· Myths about Freelancers:

Many people say that freelancers are not trained as company employees. Besides this, many companies try to find skilful freelancers rather than constant employees. Because freelancers ease the burden of many startups. They have many skills for short-term projects.

So it is important to keep in mind that hiring freelancers is a very difficult task. There are both advantages and disadvantages. You have to deal with this task very carefully. It is for the sake of the carrier of your company and clients. Always focus on the good as well as bad features before hiring freelancers.

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