Our pricing plan

We offer a comprehensive range of professional services to suit your needs and budget from regular domestic swimming pool maintenance and cleaning to one-off troubleshooting visits. Weekly, fortnightly and monthly servicing is available to ensure your pool is kept in perfect condition. Should any problems arise, we have extensive spares available and experienced engineers ready to get your pool up and running again.

Our General Services Include

  • Water testing

  • Chemical balancing

  • Vacuuming swimming pool of fine debris

  • Brushing pool walls and waterlines

  • Backwashing

  • Ensuring water temperature maintained at client’s desired set point

  • Performance testing of all plant.



No client involvement, we take care of everything

(per visit)


This requires a small amount of client involvement

(per visit)


This requires some extra client involvement

(per visit)


This requires regular client involvement.

(per visit)

Pool opening March-April

As many visits required to achieve a clean, clear pool.


Pool closing September-October​

Closing down and dosing up the pool ready for winter. Maximising efficiency and cost-saving whilst the pool is not in use.​


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